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Special offer 70, the remaining XL, the hand is slow! Zhong Li Guoning's "Ink Painting Snow Mountain" work style hooded down cotton jacket Oversize loose version, the whole yupoo clothing is full of artistic Chinese style elements, the jackehermes 2002t is used before and after the coat, the coat is used before and after This year's most popular snow landscape and ink painting element digital direct injection design, combined with embroidered Li Ning logo small standard, full of trendy, the fabric uses imported woven fabric 200 grams of down the down cotton, keeps warm and not bloated, cuffs magic stickers can be adjusted at will, Yupoo Mensss Womens must be a must -have item for the same model! Color: picture color size: m/

The whole cotton double sand is cool and breathable fabrics are breathable in autumn, the official website ibalenciaga 1990s consistent, the market is the most Yupoo High Quality, welcome to compare! Ming line import machines 4 pins and 6 lines are neat, version Oversize ~ Cuffs with pocket design · The upper body is very comfortable! Color: Black Tibetan green SIZE: M-XL Recommend M110-140 catties, L145-175 catties M L clothing length: 68: 68Fried Chicken Fire YUPOO NORTH FACE is the most simple and versatile design! Although the actual Yupoo North Face is the best versatile Yupoo Mens Womens Mens Womensbalenciaga 2 piece outfit coat, the actual Yupoo North Face is the most versatile. It's completely hold! The material of the big particles lamb is very good, but very short but very tight T

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Custom 360 grams of grinding Mao Mao plus velvet fabric! Do not fall off without hair! How to match it is appropriate! Close your eyes! Dress length m 118 72 L 122 74 xl 126 76Use 340 grams of custom fine velvet fabric! S three -dimensional! Do not fall off the color! One winter! The asymmetric orange three bars on both sides with green vertical strips! Form the perfect contrast with cement ash body! Atmospheric fashion is not exaggerated! Left Qian classic clover embroidered LOGO blessing! The average number Womens closed eye! Mens Sheng is suitable for weighing 140 catties below 175! Color: cement gray siZeCustomized 360 grams of grinding hair with velvet fabrics! Do not fall off the hair without losing color! How to match it is appropriate! Close your eyes! M 118 72 L 122 74 XL 126 76Customized 360 grams of grinding Mao Mao plus velvet fabrics! Do not lose hair without losing color! Classic versatile letters yupoo hoodies Clothing closed -eye! Super loose version! Color: dark green SIZE: m l xL WOMens Dress length m 118 72 L 122 74 xl 126 76Jiuqieya Mao Circle Hooded Hooding Yupoo Hoodies Clothing This year's super -fire, many net red upper body, large area, multiple three -dimensional printing simple and generous original version 1: 1 three -pin and five -line workmanship in place Hats CAP has patterns on the chest and chest. The point is that when the color is super high -level, it is very white, and I fell in love with the upper body !!! Color: Klein blue ruler

Super Nice's Morandi Advanced Gray. Mens Women can be put on the street for essential colors: high -grade gray apricot color: m l xl busty clothing lengthDior Dior 2022 new bee embroidered denim jacket! Yupoo High Quality! High Original Quality! Original fabric! Net Red Star Sai Luo Fang Fang Millet Millet Custom LOGO Logo pattern Customized hardware three standards all yuPoo Mens Womens is very comfortable and super versatile and beautiful. Non -market non -market ordinary versions of Original Quality are absolutely guaranteed to guarantee TThe outer layer of rice white gray blue red m ~ xxl uses a GORE-TXE fabric, waterproof and windproof, silver fox velvet inside, sleeve cotton lining, warm and warm, seamless gel technology processing, Yupoo Hats CAP is unpacked, the body body, big body body, big body body, big body body, big body body Color coloring design, the upper body is invincible and the full set of original three-standard auxiliary materials are complete SIZE table: m: bust 112 clothing length 72 recommended 110-130 catties L: bust 116

MLB22SS new lamb hair double -faced coat on both sides, the Yankees lambs of lamb ny special embroidery jacket thickened embroidery winter versatile girlfriend, Mens Womens style! The new generation of products that are continuously improved and updated. With the high Original Quality lamb hair constant temperature technology design, it is simply abandoned the extra complicated decoration, the function of coldness is strong and fashionable, and the three -dimensional loose version design is not picked and thin, Yupoo Mens Womens can be entered! Embroidery mining Imported Tatsushima Kidthmus three -dimensional embroidery, each icon is full of three -dimensional sense! Custom LOGO zipper, customer supplyLight luxury series! You are familiar with the little bee! Today this is a thick winter 10,000 -pin little bee logo corduroy, yupoo mens casual trousers, this Yupoo Pants Ten Star recommended to you! The point is this fabric, upper body body, upper body body, upper body body, upper body My wife's TM is comfortable, very versatile, very comfortable, very skin -friendly! I use three very much to explain the love of this Yupoo Pants! And everyone is optimistic, whether it is a version or the fabric, it is a fabric or the fabric It is in the place of fried chicken, the core velvet fabric, the good choice of winter, the warm fabric feel of the upper body is particularly good! BPopularity! Versace/ Versace, Top Version counter cashmere yupoo Pants! Hang Lung is selling more than 10,000, model number: 9925 versace home Top Version cashmere fabric! The touch is extremely soft and delicate, the fabric is particularly rare, and Yupoo Prices is very expensive! Really! Object The first feeling of getting the first feeling is particularly textured! The details of the auxiliary materials can be surprised everywhere! Versace Mustusa's new product new product yupoo pants! Pre -trousers heavy work 3D bronze Metaedon metal leather labels, touch and three -dimensional sense of relief, Extremely exquisite!Popularity! LV/ YUPOO LOUIS VUITTON Sweeton Counter New Products New Products Autumn and Winter Thick Circle Ts Shirt! Hang Lung sells 10,000 yuan, model number: 2261 LV home this year's autumn and winter new nanow cotton fabric! Comfortable! The surface of the surface of the surface layer is slightly grained, and the ultra -soft liquid ammonia treatment is made inside, which is very delicate! Details and details! LV home this year's new counters thick half -sleeved! High -frequency bumps LV four -leaf fake pocket design on the chest! Both sleeves are the same Details of double buttons 3D technology, green label collar and cuffs shoulder dual -pin pressure line workmanship details, overall

Popular explosion! Dior/ Dior CD counter new starry sky gray yupoo jeans Clothing! Hang Lung is selling 10,000 yuan, model number: 9366 Dior home this year's new water washing cotton denim fabric, soft and delicate touch, fully guaranteeing the daily work of the upper body comfortable work comfortable Sex! Special -to -star empty gray color matching, visual effects are particularly grade! Details and details! Dior family this year's new starry sky gray denim yupoo pants! The hottest selling versatile color color! Inlaid CD metal leather waist cards, exquisite workmanship, all -inclusive details! BPopularity! Well-Done counter new two-color two-color yupoo pants! Hang Lung sells for 10,000 yuan, model number: 1260 Well-Done's latest 100 honeycomb knitted fabrics this year! Comfortable! Gao Mi -high -level craftsmanship, fully ensure the upper body vertical sense and the excellent Original Quality of the long time! Details and details! The details of the embroidery Well-Done are embellished!

【hermes 2002】Yupoo Gucci Bags Watches Nike Clothing Nike Jordan Yeezy Balenciaga Bags valentino sliders red

Color: White Black Tibetan Green SIZE: SMLXL S shoulder width 51 Bust 108 clothing length 64 m shoulder width 53 bust, 66 cloth width 55 bust, 116 clothColor: Gray pink SIZE: SML S shoulder width 46 bust 108 clothing length 69 m shoulder width 48 bust, 70 should shoulder width 50 bust, 116 clothing length 71165 Yupoo Nike / Nike denim stitching collar lettering letter with cloth implanted down cotton jacket BF college style Ins small red book explosion yupoo mens wmens men's down cotton jacket, oversize loose version, the upper body is super praised, the yupoo mens waterns are the same Model! Color: picture color. SIZE: M L XL XXL clothes length: 68 7095 Yupoo Stone Island Stone Island s winter new plus velvet thickened light core velvet yupoo pants, Snowy plus skin and warm -fitting, the outer lights are super delicate and comfortable, the pants strands of the classic logo design embellishment, the foreign trade technology goes away Line, ORIGINAL Quality guarantees that this winter really only needs such a thick light core pants. It is necessary to resist freezing.

Oh my god! How is the wind of Yupoo ArctionEx this year! Yupoo ArctionEx comes out Yupoo Sweater! Customized polar bear chori velvet super thick single -piece weight of 1 6 catties super thick and these three colors are too good! Super good! Red and blue! Red and blue! Color super white SIZE: SML color: black red Ether blue S: sleeve length/ 56cm bust/ 120cm clothing length/ 66cm. br &Yupoo Converse co -branded Jordan Yupoo Sneakers Zapatillas Shoes Mens Womens Womens Pure Cotton Mao Circle Yupoo Hoodies Clothing fabric uses 100 % cotton 320g texture, comfortable and soft -dyed thread Origina l Quality first -class printing uses imported direct spray white ink printing high -temperature technology ORIGINAL Q without fading and crackingYUPOO NIKE CE limited thickened thick winter lambskin jacket, heavy punching three -color pure cotton ultra -fine lambsamine Mens Womens jacket 480g ultra -thick lung fabric with cloth embroidery! Dean Heavy Industry Embroidery LOGO Original Quality see the original zipper stitching and walking craft original Original Quality.PUMA early autumn bouquet sports stripe button Mens Womens pants pants 100 % cotton sports fabric feel comfortable, not the ball, no fading small foot pants upper body effect, handsome frying leisure home Stereo -Original Original Quality Mens Women

YUPOO NIKE WORK shake pill four -color embroidery autumn new product Mens Womens hoodie fabric uses a double -layer chorine velvet material feel comfortable and not faded. Original Quality first -class dyeing technology original question. Randomly scrubbing without cracking, non -fading 10,000 -pin embroidered LOGO Original Quality first -class laser cutting95. Super warm 500g mink velvete! "Trend and wild basic model" Bird's three -color letter print Mens Womens plus velvet round neck yupoo hoodies clothing reputation is hot -selling king! 1 Inner! The warmth effect is not lost in a thin cotton cloth! In winter, there is enough and smooth and delicate on the surface! The texture is full of 2 chest classic bird L0g0! Exquisite presentation of classic and fashionable! Full of round neck design! The most actual wearing the most versatile items! One piece of the wardrobe! Sports fashion fan is worth having! Black/blue/gray/three colors! SIZE: m-xxl

【hermes 2002】Yupoo Gucci Bags Watches Nike Clothing Nike Jordan Yeezy Balenciaga Bags valentino sliders red

100 500g of mink velvete inner! Classic versatile! And very easy to wear! Amazing House* Yupoo Mens thickened and velvet warm yupoo pants classic attitude fabric 500g thickened tight competition spinning* ultra -soft compound velvet! The physical examination is excellent, showing the big-name Original Quality! The conventional version! The upper body is very good-looking! Yupoo Original Factory three-standard thread windpants! SIZE table m code: trousers long 95 hips 112 waist circumference 7S M L XL Wear 66 69 72 75 Bust 116 120 124 128 Sleeve length 74 76 78 80

Gucci Yupoo Gucci 2022FW new retro foam letter Mens Womens casual round neck Yupoo Hoodies Clothing the most Yupoo High Quality! 380 grams of custom fabrics! Previous hand -painted grass writing process+back handmade network version dual G LOGO! Accessor: Appraisal Receive the bid 100%silk water label. Genuine purchasing -level original tag support camisole 3D hanging particles original packaging bag process: The original version is unanimous!Autumn and winter new models: the latest and latest eighth season. Essence Essence Essence Essentials was established in Los Angeles, USA in 2018. The original intention was to make more people put on cheap and versatile trend items. In terms of fabric tailoring, the FEAR of God consistent comfort and fineness is used. The design is simple and simple, and the eye -catching "ESSENTIALS" logo runs through. Once Essentials is launched, it is favored by trendy enthusiasts. Many European and American superstars are also loyal buyers, such as Kanye West, Jusitn Bieber, Rihanna, etc. Essence Essence Essence Essence The hottest F0G color of the entire network is coming, three -color dual -seductive velvet, coral red, cement gray, beige is really goodYUPOO ARCTERYX is definitely a seat of the outdoor brother in the trend circle recently. This Yupoo Hoodies Clothing maintains the consistent high specifications produced by Yupoo ArctionEx, as well as the back of the back \ ArctionX \ Triangle. Enter this customized 12 -pin imported fabric OS version of the double -layer bottom edge thread thicker and non -deformation foam printing process ZP fixed -dye color. Each color of each color , Create a market yuPoo High QualityCopy styling logo logo, imported environmentally friendly plasma, really love this color matching! Import technology, fixed -dyed rock lime yarn texture! Fabric guests for felt cotton fiber 420 grams of high -quality self -containing cotton fluffy touch, soft, humid, and breathable! Version version version! The type is quite included! The thin ability is super -stick, all kinds of figure can be controlled, the designs of the falling shoulder are very friendly to the WOMENS Sheng Mens, and the giant is good. Mens Womens rushes quickly !!! Color: Coffee, gray size M L XL Bust Bust 60 62 64 Shoulder width 49Color: White/gray/black hooded loose hat shirt thickened screw fabric+velvet laziness cricket pumping rope jacket yupoo mens waterns same long -sleeved yupoo clothing when I don't know what to wear today with yupoo jeans Clothing can stop the loose and loose version with the natural casual wind. A bit greenMLB/ NY 22SS YUPOO MENS WOMENS same water mink velvet zipper jacket Yupoo Jacket Clothing this year's most explosive mink series/ Yupoo Mens Women I feel how comfortable it is. In the winter, I want to share with you this warm Yupoo Clothing stand -up collar neckline

(Top Version) The simple texture is good. , Extract the texture of the whole garment !! Extend the neckline of the shoulder to the shoulders, and the whole garment makes your upper body more comfortable. Threading auxiliary materials: Tag Wash main 唛 Original 1Continuing the high Original Quality high -density tiger head embroidery, the chest uses hundreds of thousands of stains of precipitated three -dimensional embroidery. According to the counter 1: 1 color embroidery, you are absolutely high original Quality. The details are quite in place. Design, more comfortable. The inner net gauze covers the embroidery position, so that you can easily feel the skin -friendly texture, which is really ingenious. Export order workmanship, spike market currency, improve the entire Original Quality, four stitches and six lines properly adopt 340 grams of fine -priced double yarn knitted fabrics, soft skin, comfortable and breathable. Dowele the extraordinary taste!, Give you the perfect experience of YUPOO HIGH Quality atmosphere!

Louis Vuitton Lv Louis Vuitton full -printed alphabet logo knitted yupoo Sweater zipper cardigan, 21 autumn and winter cabinet models, highly recognizable and charming letters, with high -level sense, adapting to any occasion, knitting can be described as necessary in autumn and winter. It is neither bloated, but also warm the body temperature of the inertia of winter, and fully feel the comfortable experience brought to you! Soft and warm, starting with a warm round neck Yupoo Sweater The version is very tolerant. It is 100 % wool knitting, warm, soft and comfortable. It is best not to wear one. It is born with skin -friendly.Canada Goose Yupoo Canada Goose Yupoo Sweater Yupoo Sweater Yupoo High Quality! New autumn and winter! Yupoo Mens Limited Edition Wool Cloth! Basic sweaters! Fashion yupoo mens Recommended! Trend Yupoo Mens in autumn and winter must be necessary! Absolute tough taste If you belong to tough guys, or you want Yupoo Sweater to wear styles, this item is definitely recommended for you, how to wear it!

Arc’Teryx/YUPOO ARCTERYX MENS Zi GORE-TEX Waterproof Mens Womns Soft Shell Soft Shell Chongtong Clothing The entire network, the latest technology fabrics, features/anti-pouring/heating and breathability/windproof/windproof. Adaptation scene: sports and leisure/cycling/travel/hiking. The whole body technology in the bottom, the latest design of the bird's family this year. This Yupoo Clothing, just like its design language, is free and unruly. In the hearts of each mountaineer, there is a mountain to conquer.90 plus velvet thickened Dix/D1CK1ES pull -up and warm -limited classic classic sportsweight pants yupoo pants, Yupoo Mens Womens, the same Mens WOMENS model, Dix autumn and winter latest series, simple atmospheric logo design, and the hottest season hottest The color tone, do n’t look too good. It is perfect with the grid Yupoo Clothing coat. The loose and neutral style is versatile. Mensheng Womens Womens can be worn. SIZE: M-3XL color: black gray & l

95 Yupoo Champion / Champion, Japanese Gaopu West Gradues and Velvet thick woven belt Yupoo Mens Womens straight tube yupoo Pants, simple and generous basic model, full of be careful, loose straight design, life of life, comfortable fabric, clean, clean, clean, clean, clean, clean, clean, clean, clean, clean, clean, clean, clean, clean, clean, clean, clean, clean, clean and clean Model! Whether it is matched with any jacket, shirt, yupoo T Shirts Clothing! Color: Black and white coffee color SIZE: M-XXL waist pants long buttocks M 68 m 68100 plus velvet thickened Dix/D1CK1ES pull velvet warming limited skewers neutral movement yupoo pants, yupoo mens waterns same Mens Womens style, Dix autumn and winter latest series, simple atmospheric logo design, combined with the hottest color of the season in the season, the hottest color of the season Don't look too good. You can match the grid Yupoo Clothing coat at will. The version of the loose and neutral style is versatile. Mens Sheng Womens Womens can be worn. Size: m-xxl color: black gray队MLB Yankees 2022SS early winter new two -color full -print logo lamb hair collar Korean outer jacket texture texture texture, soft printing nylogo to highlight the brand effect of the big red books, the big red book explosion in winter. : M-XL105 number number 1039# Cool cooling! Yupoo Alexander Wang Wang Dong's new casual and fleece pants is thin and versatile, leisure and pants! ! Such a yupoo pants can be exquisite and exquisite, and the 100 version has been raised many times. Finally, it is determined that the storage pants type is very friendly. It is the first choice fabric. Low -key but very advanced texture. The version is a bit loose, and the texture is softly floating on the legs of the wearer. It is the most friendly for people who are not thin enough.

205 number 2114# Moncle Moncler 22S winter new Yupoo Mensin fashion leisure stand -up collar down collapsed down noodle clothing, Chao people must be out of the street! Leisure sports series! Customized fabrics, inside and outside use 400D pinhole to retract the craftsmanship dumb Dragon light fabric, the embracing fabric has anti -wrinkle belt memories, 3 layers of anti -diamond velvet! Inner dangerous charge 90 duck down, soft texture, comfortable and warm! Pocket design on both sides, the sleeve decorative classic embroidery label exclusive customization! 3D S three -dimensional cutting, super handsome upper effect, exercise and leisure can be controlled !!!335 number 3215# PRADA red leather hats, yupoo coat high ORIGinal Quality Yupoo Prada Prada counter, the same atmospheric president Yupoo Coat purchasing level, winter trend new products. The counters are priced at 10000+, and guests are customized for YUPOO HIGH Quality. Original Quality can be described as the ultimate! The unique design style has changed the traditional PRADA classic style, glue zipper design, and the warm effect of tie caps is good.

Special offer is not retired, there are only L. XL for 80 Burberry Burberry limited TB lamb hairy jackets simple and advanced aesthetic style, warmth recommendation! This year super fire. Heavy work created, Yupoo High Quality Original Quality! Plush of the fluffy touch is super comfortable, soft and delicate, and the version of the version of the Burberry original lattice fabric is exquisite in three stitches and five -line craftsmanship. The details are perfect! Yupoo Mens W80 Air Jordan/AJ Jordan 2022SS official website limited to pure color versatile footwear pants, Yupoo Pants, four seasons versic models. The side stitching process design of the trousers, the Yupoo Vans Jordan Flying Logo Label at the pocket, is simple and trendy, casual and versatile. Yupoo Mens Womens The same Mens Womens model, the pants that can be controlled at will, regardless of leisure sports, strongly recommend starting. Color: black gray green size: M-3XL (see Figure 9)

160 Li NING/LN China Li Ning 2022 Winter Limited Ink Painting Danqing Graffiti Polying Polyded Cotton Bread, Yupoo Mens Womens Same Mens Womens. INS/Xiaohongshu explosive cotton jacket, adopts up and down stitching design, the entire down and down jacket uses the most popular ink painting element digital direct injection design before and after. Kezhong down cotton, stand -up leading wind -proof design, this winter gives enough temperature, version of Oversize is loose and versatile, Mensheng Womens Womens can be worn.Yupoo Puma Puma P0ma Macaron Thickens Mens Womens Cotton Powder Bread Cloth y 小 小 好 好 好 好Colors and versions are super beautiful.

75 The North Face Yupoo North Face / Yupoo the North Face Womens Wool Skin Silk Bellymin Hermine Herms The Kit is really superb. , Can also be directly matched with the bottom matching of this set. This set is imported wool filaments, warm energy, and more moisturizing and warmth (reflects the human body's own heat).75 Yupoo Nike / Nike Autumn and Winter Women's wild thread warming two -in -one bottom shirt, comes with integrated cup chest pads simple and thin long -sleeved yupoo clothing, 100%high -quality fiber wood source raw materials, pure natural, safer. The color of the color is high, and it also resists the hair and the ball. It feels delicate, slippery, and has antibacterial effects! Safety and comfort are high, the upper body is warm and breathable, and the body is strong. !! Selling point 1 Fashionable and versatile round neck design Create three -dimensional clavicle line 2 integrated cup without steel ringFor 500 Moncler X Rolling Stone Big Tongue Joint Outdoor Workers' Pocket Yupoo Coat Mon Rolling Stone Yupoo Mens big tongue tongue hooded worker style yupoo coat functional workstor multi -pockets take care of business casual imported polyester fiber fabrics, wind and water, anti -splashed Pressure zipper chest classic laser 90%white duck down fluff and warmth performance is very good! Arm silicone small nameplate chest logo printing & lThe North Face × SUPREME YUPOO North Face Yupoo NORTH FACE co -branded wrinkle folds folds. Machine positioning Special treatment of cutting coatings, waterproof wind and cold resistance embroidery: Bailing Da import machine embroidery operation casually compares the market version process

For 145 MLB long down cotton cotton cotton clothing counter, small logo hooded thickened down long cotton clothing, warm winter necessary push counters, the same polyester fiber high -density biological fabrics, 1: 1 inside the weighted thickened thickened down cotton warm Yupoo Coat's lead labeling tag water washing all details perfect Original Quality, reassured push! Ins fast hand Xiaohongshu APP major platform net red upper body, simple and not simple, classicAMI Paris 22 Autumn and Winter Limited Series, joined the screen Womens God to present a joint planning plan, the same color love silhouette Yupoo Coat, with the concept of "Mens -style Yupoo Womens Clothing \. The linear lines and neutral and charming colors are quite recognizable. The Yupoo Mens Womens style, the super fluffy bread texture, the hooded design, the extended velvet hat can form a thick collapse. Body, ultra -high fluffy bread shape, the hem of the arc curve looks very casual, the wide thread cuffs can prevent wind irrigation, consistently simple and practical attitude, the same color 1699 70 Color: color SIZE: L -2xl L clothing 72 5 breasts 118 Shoulder width 50 2 sleeve length 67 5 xl length 74 bust width 51 4 sleeves 69 2xl long bust 126 shoulder 126 shoulder 126 shoulder 126 shoulder 126 shoulder 126 shoulder 126 shoulder 126 shoulder 126 shoulder 126 Width 52 6 Sleeve length 70 5 Suggestions: 130-160 catties, choose L, 160-180 catties 1699 70 black, Tibetan green SIZE M-2XL 96 golden generation! Too classic! Yupoo North Face Yupoo North Face 96 down vest! A single 90 vest of cost-effective! Minelon Grid, 310T Optical Nylon Textile, this is the essence of the real Yupoo North Face 96 fabric! This uses DWR waterproof technology, the gallbladder uses the national standard 330 double -sided light light anti -velvet printed fabric, light weaving wear -resistant tear anti -tear anti -tear anti , Can effectively stop dust

Top Version Repeat, the correct version, the ceiling level is full of goods, fixed and fixed dyeing 420g heavy velvet fabric, the original original black bag packaging, supports casual comparison ZP, is not satisfied with returning! The cost, that is, the original version of the fabric is disassembled and fixed -dyeing, that is, all the auxiliary materials are opened and customized, that is, all the craftsmanship is meticulous! The fabric uses the high -grade fixed -dyeing dyeing 420g of the 420g of the puffy cotton. Eclipse treatment, thickened and warm, clear texture, wide and stylish, full of texture! Before the fabric is cut, all high temperature pre -shrinkage and enzyme washing are guaranteed to ensure that there will be no shrinkage after water washing. At the same time, it increases the comfort of the fabric. The feel is heavyTOP Version is engraved, heavy hard goods are coming, ins super big explosion overseas, tide coffee Yupoo Mens Womens on the upper body is handsome! Fixed -dye dyeing original version of 420g grinding down fabric, thickened and warm, clear texture, feel feels feel Delicate, full of texture! The American hot -type hot ink foaming process with a high temperature standard of the chest is clear, the surface texture is clear, the distinction of smooth ordinary prints, full of swelling and three -dimensional! Soft collapse, loose version, versatile body, high street feel, tide coffee yupoo mens waterns, layer over stacker, retain the goods, strongly recommend it ~ br

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