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Coach Coach Tabby Bacchus COACH TABBY Bacchus bag has a variety of colors. This white is the most classic versatile and the hottest one. Milk white lychee leather pressing pattern is very gentle. Retro square design, exquisite and three -dimensional. Metals are retro brass colors and are very textured. The shoulder strap is well -designed and convenient, simple and advanced, and it can be memorized in spring, summer, autumn and winter. The capacity is also very large, and the small world of the Womens God is also very high. Xiaohongshu couldn't get angry, praise. Needless to say, such a fire can get so many episodes of recognized bags, want to step on the pityupoo designerDior Dior Old Flower Saddle Bag is really beautiful, it is a retro weapon, and it will get the strongest retro style immediately. And this Yupoo Bags is super good, simple Yupoo Clothing with it will instantly improve a level. Usually casual style, Shyupoo soccer jerseysu WOMENS style, commute work can hold it, it is simple and white plus the Yupoo Jeans Clothing. , Caval artifacts, taking pictures are super! Mainly it can also be installed. The necessary mobile phones, lipsticks, powder, and keys to go out every day

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GUCCI large tiger head Camera Bag talked about Gucci's tiger head Camera Bag, so I have to talk about Xiao Zhan, who makes Jimei unable to hold. This single backpack is one of his most daily mirror bags, so it is completely completely completely full of mirror rates, so it is completely thorough Bring this bag. Tiger's Camera Bag is GUCCI, as always, using traditional classic retro elements. Laohua with calf leather. It looks small but the capacity is very nice. The shoulder strap uses a classic three -color color (red, dark green, and bright yellow), so that Yupoo Bags adds a lot of vitality. The shoulder strap is wide enough, and even if the portion is heavy, it will not bite the shoulder.GUCCI's latest full print LOGO Hand Hand Handle Official Website Limited Sale, Pure ZP Cabinet Yupoo Original Quality, must not be missed! Yupoo Original Factory cowhide material, feel is not general, the hardware logo details are clear at a glance! Plush inner feel is excellent, with zipper compartments, card positions, followed by partner, can be taken, but it is super convenient! For details You can control all kinds of occasions, whether you areWith the picture, the order LV short old flower leather clip, Yupoo Louis Vuitton Yupoo Louis Vuitton classic old flower yupoo Wallet! Non -market nale, casual comparison! The official website is selling, foreign trade factory shipments! Let ’s come to an ending version! One -to -one moment! The cost -effective spike is absolutely spike all versions! I believe this is also everyone’ s voice! Do n’t spend those unjust money! You can get the handy! logo. What you do are flawless! This practical Monogram canvas leather clip is opened and closes, and it can be installed with banknotes and change.yupooalbum.ru 1699 10 Yupoo Chrome Hearts 2022SS Yupoo Jeans Clothing High Original Quality Washing Craft for Old Colors, Customized Accessories Do not color! Visual sense is strong! Yupoo Mens Womens! Ze S-XL S pants long 106 waist circumference 68 m pants long 107 waist circumference 70 L pants long 108 waist circumference 72 xl pants long 109 waist circumference 74yupooalbum.ru 1699 75 0FF-WHITE denim jacket is fashionable! Heavy work water washing process! Make old black retro color is a bit old black tone! Four seasons items! Loose version! SIZE S M L Long 67 L breasts 120 clothing length 69

yupooalbum.ru 1699 20 Yupoo ArcteryX soft shell jacket jacket jacket, wear -resistant, dirt, and no deformation! Waterproof and windproof fabric feels better! The excellent glue design increases the breathable effect. Cutting design! Color Black SIZE XL-4XL XL clothing length 69 bust 110 xxl length 70 bust surrounding 114 3xl clothing 71 breasts 118 4xl length 72 bust 1 1Yupooalbum.ru 1699 15 ArctionEx/ Yupoo ArctionEx blankets are all used with this blanket at home! The fabric is thick wool blended fabric! Get the heavy hand in hand! SIZE 190 × 95 weight 1 25kg weight 1 25kgFor 145 spring new models! YUPOO TOMMY HILFIGER Blossom Pineapple Species! Foreign trade company custom knitted littering fabric and velvet thickened zipper sweater Yupoo Sweater, which is extremely cost -effective. Yupoo Tommy Hilfiger 2022 Spring New Yupoo Mens Clothing Pineapple Cover Cassaccoon Jacket, the channels of trading companies are scarce, and the official website will be released! Obviously, this high luxury single product is very scarce. Do n’t miss it if you like it! The fabric table

For 125 Burberry/ Burberry Yupoo Mens business Yupoo Pants New Yupoo Mens casual trousers, Yupoo Mens Yupoo High Quality business yupoo Pants customer for import 100%ecological environmentally friendly cotton fabrics non -market various strokes. Lun, chemical fiber, nylon imitation Rough and inferior fabrics, truly comfortable and textured beauty, excellent skin -friendly, superior breathability, good warmth effect, the texture structure restores the pure and simple nature of cotton, visuality is quite durable, full of artistic conception! Customized original hardware This is the original hardware! Single product designer is a certain degreeFor 110 French Yupoo Lacoste Menste MenS outfit 2022 autumn and winter Yupoo Mens wool blending high -necked Yupoo Sweater elegant Yupoo Mens must enter the second kill !! In fact, you and the blogger have only a business casual Yupoo Mens wolf sweater weather gradually turn cold. How to use woolen sweater with your various coats Yupoo Mens Clothing wool sweater to wear Wear with temperament, let type M MYupoo YSL SLP Classic Mao Mao Mao Graffiti Patching Yupoo Jacket Clothing Baseball Jacket Fabric only uses 630 grams of double -sided hair thickness. After the cut is made of calfskin material, the whole piece of the entire Yupoo Clothing heavy work of heavy work is used to complete the embroidery machine with special soldiers embroidery machines.(Top Version) Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton 22SS Walk Show Remake Fighter Muay Thai Muay Thai Flower Stitching Baseball Single Fabrics I have customized for more than a month, the color component is reduced! Natural silk%10 spandex%velvet! Mixed fixation, the total weight of more than 900 grams! The most important thing is its color fastness, which will never fade! The processing shares, coloring, water washing, and the lines retain the original particle structure! Thick and full and round! Embroidery uses imported towel embroidery machines, first embroidered each pattern on Mao Zhan,

(Top Version) Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton 22SS Walking Show Gu Ling Ai Ai Ling's same yellow black stitching baseball player Popularity King Super Duo Duo Duo Duo Heavy Employment Jacket Yupoo Jacket Clothing Body 8 Towel Heavy Industry Embroidery Frying Crafts at the same time use Yunjinjinzhu in English. Chain Embroidery Method's neck Locked LV LV Chain, custom LVLOGO irregular buttons Yupoo Jacket Clothing overall uses classic blue and white color PU leather sleeveYupoo Nike retro rhombus baseball uniform cotton clothing YuPoo Jacket Clothing jacket Ins Little Red Book Hot Explosion | Net Red Wearing Yupoo Mens Womens Same! The value of the face is super high! The logo on the chest is full of cloth embroidery with diamond lines to make this cotton dress more fashionable! Customized double -sided threads are more textured! T

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155 white background map) Balenciaga Balenciaga embroidered Cola waves small cotton jackets of baseball jackets in winter, the most suitable jacket is really good. Two cotton sleeves, two beef tendon loose folding effects super -hearted loose version Yupoo Mens WomenMLB 22 new three -color baseball uniform color matching jacket custom 720g double -sided hair woolen fabric is soft, comfortable, delicate and smooth! Super bright! The wind and warm upper body are particularly great and feel super comfortable! The sleeves on both sides use exclusive PU TOP Version leather! Soft and smooth and resistant Extremely grinding feel is particularly comfortable! LOGO heavy process embroidery differential market Puts of cloth Tatian Island 3d three -dimensional 10,000 -pin hiral embroidery thread knitted, neckline decoding dual -color dual -sand knit thread elasticity The benchmarking grain grains are all low -key, exquisite and capable, three -dimensional cutting and optimization, large factory craftsmanship, exquisite work needlesTOP Version casually compares Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton 22FW autumn and winter new dark clown baseball uniform yupoo jacket Clothing jacket heavy worker LOGO chip calf sleeves at the neck LV chain obtained apps. Sleeve The department improves the overall texture whether it is Yupoo Jeans Clothing or sports pants that can perfectly control the VIBE style of the current fire.Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton Green Wild Ferry Baseball This Yupoo Clothing Recently has really been won with the frying heaven -level items. Many celebrities have all celebrities. 1 Restore the genuine product can be called the LV King Fried single product.

Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton 2022SS catwalk yellow black baseball uniform ordering original opening model finally shipped one month. A blogger of Douyin said that this year's LV's new black and yellow color matching will become the future trend. You can find that the stars can use it as a collection of jackets at will. Essence Developing the most yupoo high question on the entire network takes one month to customize pure wool materials, lambskin, single Yupoo ClothingSpecial offer does not refund or replace the 80 MLB Yankees 21 Winter net red thick down cotton clothes thickened on both sides and wears lamb wool jackets with one side of the down cotton. Both sides are lamb hair warmth and comfortable double -sided suture process before and after the needle without needle, no lock -on -edge marks, three -dimensional big pocket design, practical and good -looking little red book TaobaoThe North Face × Invincibl Yupoo North Face Yupoo North Face joint Snow Mountain Camp Snow Mountain second -generation Yupoo North Face Yupoo Coat color: see SIZE: M / L / XL filling: National standard 90 duck down 350g / piece / piece / piece / piece Easy to play the fabric: Filed digital printing and infrared automatic cutting machineParis Fashion Week is the hottest show, MENS WOMENS bread short Yupoo Coat! Super big name on the upper body, go shopping to make you the brightest street! Warm, lightweight, easy to wear and comfortable. Color: Black and yellow size: m-3xl (Figure 9)

The attributes of the two joint bonuses make the charm of this model extraordinary, especially this personality NY logo element is extremely bright and excellent, and adds the python pattern element embellishment. Very loose, stylish, more suitable for daily matching and the charging volume required by Gaojie, which is quite full and the version is very unique, especially the stand -up collar design. To be more yupoo hiColor: blue, pink, white, gray, beige SIZE: XS-M (Figure 9) fabric: uses the American DuPont CORDURA embryo, soft Enduraluxe fabric, enhance the durability of the easy-to-wear parts , Light and durable; the inner linery uses 400T anti -velvet bile, comfortable and soft, without drilling. Down: 90%white duck down, 450 grams of high filling, thick and fluffy, comfortable and soft yupoo Hats Cap: with detachable hood, can be adjusted in both directions, and the same is the same, the same is the same, and the same is the same.

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For 175 Balenciaga Balenciaga 22 Autumn and Winter, everything, embroidered denim jacket, Yupoo High Quality black blue S ~ XL is too large imported heavy tannin, washing all cotton water washing, soft texture, but more than 10 processes. , The color cloth pattern is very textured, and the heavy work of all three -standard auxiliary materials in the embroidery of the heavy work, the old buttonsFor 310 YUPOO NORTH FACE brain -dead brain, Brain Dead x the North Face Retro Nuptse Jacket joint -co -branded, as the hottest co -branded series in recent years, in addition to the previous Yupoo Hoodies Clothing and Chongye clothes, it also launched YUPOOOOOO Coat series. Filling 90 white duck down in the inside, each down is not less than 330 grams, and the fluffyness reaches more than 700. All the noodle auxiliary materials are customized. -A blue yellow -size table s

The shopkeeper strictly selects Yupoo High Quality Mon/Cler Moncler's official website of the same classic embroidery Huafe fake two -piece set Mens Womens high Original Quality Wafle casual set yupoo mens wmens. The tall one! Not rude at all! This Original Quality only closed the eyes! & LTThe shopkeeper strictly selects YUPOO HIGH QULITY PRADA PRADA YUPOO MINS Clothing Corduroy Yupoo Pants Mensnzi Yupoo Pants. , The two -sided pocket pocket, Prada's triangle standard is absolutely durable. YKK brass custom zipper, large factory shipment, recommended to start. The version is made of three -dimensional tailoring, the upper body is neat and stylish, and the sports and leisure can be arbitrarily matched. It is suitable for various occasions to wear, simple and generousThe shopkeeper's strict selection of heavy heavy recommendation hazz/ys Hargis dog head embroidery 22s yupoo mens autumn air layer sports casual footweight pants! Classic limited amount new products, simplicity, fashion sports casual slimming pants! Passenger pants special air layers, elasticity, elasticity OK, the upper body is comfortable! The fabric is meticulous with the ORIGINAL Quality. Long -legged ratio! Pumping rope loose pants waist, you can adjust the width of the waist width of the pants, fits all body type yupoo MHaagis Hazzys Head Embroidery Spring New Fake Two Yupoo Hoodies Clothing Mens Womens still come from our familiar old channels, handsome and simple classic models. Color, a variety of color options! Guest fabrics, knitted fabric technology, tight and elastic, not easy to shrink, the upper body is quite inclusive, very nice! The hems are stitching with double threads. ,超高水平做工,细节处处彰显高级感, 胸前刺绣狗头刺绣标识栩栩如生 ,缝线不拖泥带水,简约而不简单的logo ,不浮夸不张扬却Crocodile/fish Lacoste Yupoo Lacoste autumn and winter yupoo mens multi -pockets thin hooded.好看了!而且!这款可不仅仅是样子货!功能性同样卓著! 这也是它卖到4799还能热销的原因! 专业级户外面料!成份:100聚酯纤维内衬:100聚酯纤维 , Smooth and comfortable, well -known, good fabric stability! Not easy to wrinkle! I am self -containedCrocodile/fish Lacoste Yupoo Lacoste autumn and winter yupoo mens multi -pocket thickened hooded cotton clothing strongly recommended cost -effective good goods !!! offline 4799 hot sales! Give you the price -performance ratio of the factory! ! And! This is not just the same thing! Functional is equally outstanding! This is why it can be sold at 4799 to 4799! Professional -level outdoor material! Ingredients: 100 polyester fiber lining: 100 polyester fiber, smooth smoothness Comfortable and stylish, the fabric stability is good! It is not easy to wrinkle! My own goods should not only have comfort but also in place!

MLB YUPOO MENS WOMENS MENS WOMENS Bread Server Short Plel Cotton Server Lamona Laspin Gui Gui Warm Autumn and Winter New Jacket DJEC2 This year's Mlb's most special cotton jacket, short bread service version and warm lamb cashmere stitching design, especially suitable for Asians, visually sufficient enough Pulling the height ratio, the original version of the three -standard auxiliary materials is consistent. The three colors of the counter simultaneous are all versatile colors. It is good to wear, and the babies should not be missed. The upper body that is very hot in Xiaohongshu is better than the picture. The same is perfect than the picture.For 170 (the most Yupoo High Quality) Gucci Yupoo Gucci 22SS Chucky GRG series of red -green striped cardigan, the handwriting and official website 1: 1 synchronization wool is very comfortable and soft glutinous finger Not afraid of the goods than the three codes Number: S-XL color: black

For 190 (the most Yupoo High Quality) Gucci Yupoo Gucci 22SS color matching knitted cardigan Yupoo Sweater Yupoo Gucci Heavy -looking super -watched knitted cardigan, the first choice of wild -matching the original hair yarn special multi -needle machine TOP VERS ION different market currency Color: Black code: S-XL S codes long 69 bust 100 shoulder width 45Color: Black Tibetan Blue White Blue SIZE: XS-XXL (Figure 9)! With a clear and layered color, it feels like the feeling of being foggy around the iceberg and glaciers. Filling fluffy and full, cold -proof and warm, fashionable style design is also very popular with many trendy Mens beautiful Womens. Various matching interpretations, the hottest down vest in the entire network

The three standards of the Xiamen company are all the products of the counters, raw goods! In the past two years, the items of NB in ​​the past two years are very popular in China as the new middle -class new middle -class newly -produced newly -produced Yupoo High Quality Italian brand's bright and bold design style Its excellent elegant temperament of his family's current style positioning is not just the sports style more integrated into the street fashion. Today, this Mens NB Yupoo Coat uses genuine custom TMoncle Madeira series, everyone calls it black warrior! Color: black and white size: 1 yard-5 yard size 1 2 3 4 5 bust 108 116 120 124 shoulder width 45 46 5 49 511

Real shot UA/ YUPOO Under Armor 2022 Yupoo Mens Sistene and Velvet Yupoo Pants Simple Mens God's upper body is super handsome! The fabric uses brocade cotton Roman with the inside exquisite mink velvet and the classic simple and absolutely versatile Yupoo Clothing, regardless of whether it is是在日常生活还是运动休闲都是最佳选择性价比,绝对是业内良心!这款的面料全部都是客供定制面料,此款面料摸起来非常柔软,穿在身上,没有任何的搭配烦恼!经典Small feet pants, Yupoo Pants uses three -dimensional tailoring, the upper body is thin, modify the figure, and use the small foot threadLamb hair model UA/ YUPOO UNDER ARMOUR 2022 Yupoo Mens casual and velvet Yupoo Pants Simple Mens God's upper body is super handsome! The fabric uses a cotton cotton with the inside exquisite mink velvet and the classic simplicity absolutely versatile. Whether it is daily life or sports and leisure, it is the best choice and cost -effectiveness. It is definitely the conscience in the industry! All the fabrics are customers for custom fabrics. This fabric feels very soft and wear it on the body without any matching troubles! Classic small foot pants type, YUPOO PANTS uses three -dimensional tailoring, the upper body is thin, modify the figure, adoptFor 310. Yupoo High Quality Yupoo North Face Yupoo North Face Snow Mountain second -generation Yupoo Coat uses 90 national standard down embroidery machines. After dozens of hidden rain caps behind the hidden rain caps, the 2020 new colorful anti -counterfeit material auxiliary materials are customized. Th face x invincible joint name Camp Yupoo Coat, The North Face jointly teamed up with the famous Asian tide Nvincible, brought a topic of topics- "The Expedition". This is yupoo noFor 210 Suyupoo1699X Yupoo North Face 2021 autumn and winter heavy pound joint technology waterproof material splicing yupoo jacket cloth, yupoo mens wmens of the same rivet element pattern loose sports leisure punch coat! Sales, purchasing Yupoo Prices 5830RMB! Following the 2020 autumn and winter joint series with FAUX FUR artificial fur last December last year, Sup and Yupoo North Face, the new cooperation of the two VF Corporation brands under the VF Corporation brand.

For 430 Supreme 21FW joint Yupoo North Face rendering Tannin Yupoo Coat Supremefw21Week17 and THENORTH FACE Washing Danien series Personally, I feel that this series is relatively high in cooperation between the two brands in the past year. Ningza dyeing prints are random, each Yupoo Clothing is different. If you are lucky, you may have a better print distribution, but I think this is not a problem for friends who like this series. Color: blackFor 290 Supreme The North Face 19FW Free Womens God Chongfeng Fighting High Color Digital Inkjet, Tian Island Embroidery Joint Color Specup Yupoo Jacket Clothing Compared with the previous GTX waterproof process, this joint name appeared for the first time. The zipper uses DHLA vs7 to customize the dark green tension head to distinguish between the market on the market on the market on the market.

For 310 Supreme × The North FACE FW20 Week 10 joint S Logo Yupoo Jacket Clothing coat color: black / green / red size: S / m / L / xl -weaving mount of waterproof fabric. Line Line-Laser Tailor Digital Digital Printing Performance-Custom Hardware, YKK zipper door forbidden original dual zipper design+opening moldFor 270 TheNORTH FACE Cargo Jacket, a co -branded multi -pocket charging Yupoo Jacket Clothing original version purchased heavy golden people to bring back the first speed of the country to get the sample jacket ordering and setting up the waterproof waterproof fabric process. 2021 Yupoo North Face Supreme joint series of auxiliary materials new laser marks, distinguish the old version of the laser in previous years! There is no deviation from imported Belled Embroidery and ZP!

For 320 Yupoo North Face × Supreme co -branded Steep Tech Apogee Jacket Barrage Barrage Logo hooded Yupoo Jacket Clothing Yupoo Mens Woody Yupoo Mens Womens 100%imported new Belled Embroiders customization of Mens WOMENS Menyopedic Electric Embroidery Full three -dimensional Clear 100%Imported Digital Direct Spitter Craft Laser Positioning Details Details Exquisite Invincible 100%Nylon Dual Double -layer Banner Design to prevent running from velvetFor 460 Readymade Capital Flower Flower Hooding, Yupoo Coat (with dust bag) classic Readymade Limade Flower National Style Yupoo Coat Personal Fabric's Top Version Yupoo Coat, regardless of whether you understand or not, I suggest that you wear one because you wear it because you wear it. It really looks good and meets the upper body effect of the person who knows the goods instantly! Color: blue and red size: S / m / L / xL s clothing length 68 bust 120 shoulder width 48 sleeve sleeves

EVISU Fu Shen counters 2022 Autumn and winter new double -layer hand brushes large M gold standard printing collar coke Yupoo Hoodies Clothing Bottom must be available in autumn! Yupoo High Quality Original Quality! Imported embroidery technology, contrasting gold wire texture printing logo embroidery adds visual rich visual richness Feeling. The layered design of the back of the personality slogan and the embroidery of the back shows the brand's characteristics, and it is equipped with a sub -style to create a personalized street shape. Prajna pattern round neck Yupoo HoodiesBleak Exclusive new‼ MLB New York Yankee team LOGO pattern loose zipper vest design concept: MLB KOREA clothing brand was established in 1997. As an international trend brand, it is widely popular by the industry as "Asian Fashion Windmark". MLB takes a strong baseball culture as the background, with the American street fashion culture as the element, and is sought after by the majority of entertainment sports stars and fashion experts. While better shaping the image of a fashionable personality, it transmits young people not to converge, not blindly obey, and positive and independent. Fabric+Features: &255 pure Yupoo Original Quality! AAPE22 The latest camouflage color matching apes, light -top, light hat, skin clothing number: 7497xxi color: black fans camouflage/bkz white camouflage/water double color out! Make you multiple choices! Guesting zipper 2 ticked webbing drawing. 3 drops of glue hanging grains. 4 5cm width woven stamps. 5 Three layers of inks to prevent sublimation printing, 6 Japanese imported silk mesh elastic rope. Wait for the auxiliary materials, do not introduce them one by one! Buy it back and continue to study yourself^ _^ &160! Pure Yupoo Original Quality! Explosive! AAPE YUPOO MENS Clothing 21 autumn and winter Yupoo Supreme badge reflective casual and loose trend Yupoo jacket Clothing jacket 8327xxd! Color: black/white white/white /Bright color allows you to choose from multiple choices! Packaging tags are complete! Delivery counter Shopping BAG! The official website is on sale! SIZE: S-XL. Loose version

140 pure Yupoo Original Quality! Aape Yupoo Mens Clothing 22 Autumn and Winter Yupoo Supreme badge camouflage reflective embroidered long -sleeved long -sleeved shirt 8393XXI color: black BKX/gray gyx/blue/white whx color, let you make you you Multiple choices! Packaged tags are complete! Delivery counters SHOPPING BAG! The official website is on sale! SIZE: S-XXL. Normal version! YUPOO M140. BAPE genuine products! Pure yuPoo Original Quality! 22 Autumn and Winter Yupoo Supreme badge camouflage embroidered casual long-sleeved shirt color: black BKX/blue BLX/white WHX three colors make you multiple choices! SIZE: S-XXL. Normal version! Yupoo Mens Womens is perfectly controlled! One is a shirt and a single product of Jacket, and it is really recommended because it is really real!

ARCTERYX YUPOO ARCTERYX Installation Pocket Pocket Outdoor Woodproof and Waterproof Plel Cotton Vesles Strict Orginal Quality Real Extraorded to start with the technology layer waterproof fabric texture and comfortable original quality. Raising collar lamb cashmere The design protects the neck and is warmer. 300 grams of velvet volume is full three -dimensional mechanical charging.1: 1 official website Yupoo Original Quality This MLBNY domestic counter MLB Yupoo Mens Womens Winter New Winter Corduroy Thicker Yupoo Coat 3ADJC0116 Imported Cordon Color: Milk white, mint green size: XS-XL

Ouyang Nana Wang Hezheng, the same model Kenzo X Nigo Tiger Tail Tail Tiger Nian Limited Tiger Tail and Velvet Yupoo Hoodies Clothing This season's new "Tiger Tail Tiger Tail" series, in the form of a new cartoon form, reshape the brand classic tiger totem together, traveling in the inspiration world of the sky. The overall cartoon cute age reduction route, the hooded Yupoo Hoodies Clothing pattern before and after, the "K" letter of the chest signature body consists of a tiger tail, surrounded by leaves around, like a tiger group that is not seen at the end, combined with white body white white KThis year's popular items, jointly produced by Nigo !! The back of the back of the oversized begonia is printed, it looks great !! Send you a small red flower, the latest logo in the chest is super beautiful! The details are full, the high -quality environmental protection solid color printing logo !! The fabric is treated with all cotton velvet, and the body feels invincible in the water washing treatment !! The neckline is all -rounded, the same cylinder thread has no color difference, and the original version is restored to a full set of auxiliary materials. Yupoo Mens Womens The same color: gray Tibetan green. White SIZE: S-XL S Bust 128 Clothing 63 Shoulder Width