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Golden Masoori Angrakha Kurta and golden Masoori Shawl with Circular Plazo


A beautiful golden Masoori Angrakha Kurta  and golden Masoori Shawl with Circular Plazo

Angrakha style has a special place in the hearts of people of the sub-continent. Men wore the style during the early years of its production, but this style is now worn by women. Angrakha style is popular in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. The word angrakha is derived from a Sanskrit word that means protection of the body. Many old civilizations used to wear angrakha frocks. The main design is still the same, but there are variations in the style and length in different regions. Angrakha can be short or long according to your needs. Angrakha frocks are a pretty piece of clothing. Angrakha is one of the beautiful Eastern dresses.

Massouri material is a lightweight material that, despite being fancy, is not heavy. The angrakha shirt is stitched well and looks simple yet fashionable. The pattern on the massouri shirt increases its value and style. The beautiful lace on the border of sleeves looks pretty. The stitching of the shirt is really pretty. The angrakha paired with a wide circular palazzo looks like a piece of art. The golden color of the angrakha shirt combined with a green color palazzo makes this dress appropriate for mehndi function. The dress is light enough that it can be worn on Eid day too. The beautiful jamawar palazzo looks pretty with the golden angrakha. Even the dupatta is pretty in golden color with the same lace stitched on the sleeves border. The whole ensemble is Eastern and looks demure.

It is recommended that this dress should be worn with beautiful flower jewelry or gold jewelry. The jewelry will no doubt boost the beauty of the already pretty dress. A good khussa will look beautiful paired and styles with the dress. The dress will make the wearer look demure and Eastern in many ways.

Golden Masoori Umbrella circular pamplum and beautiful golden Masoori Shawl with circular Plazo


Ready to wear beautiful golden Masoori Umbrella circular pamplum and beautiful golden Masoori Shawl with circular Plazo
This beautiful golden treasure is so pretty and beautiful. The golden color of this makes you look like royalty. The golden color is always associated with luxury and royalty, and this dress invokes both feelings in the heart of the wearer. This dress lends confidence to the wearer. Wearing this dress to a party or a gathering will make you the main attraction of the party. All eyes of the party people will be on you when you enter a party wearing this dress. The angrakha short frock looks really cute. The tussles on the front are eye-catching and increase the beauty of the dress.

Angrakha style is also adopted from the 19th-century sub-continent. Funnily enough, the angrakha was worn by Indian men in the start. Angrakha style is prominent in Eastern dresses. In many famous Bollywood movies that were based on history, such as Bajirao Mastani, both men and women are seen wearing this particular style of dress, and the angrakha makes both men and women look beautiful and serene. The angrakha short frock is paired with a pretty lehenga; this pairing increases the volume of the dress. The dress appears voluminous, and this also increases the royalty factors.

There is lace stitched to the border of the sleeves. The same lace is also stitched to the borders of the dupatta. The overall look, design, and color of the dress make the dress beautiful.  The golden color also makes the wearer shine among all other dull colors. The dress should be worn with minimal jewelry so that the color of the dress gets emphasized. The border of the frock also boosts small-sized tussles that look adorable. The whole look of this dress is cute and adorable. The affordable price of the dress makes it worth buying.


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